The Drink Series Lemonade

The Drink Series Lemonade

The Drink Series Lemonade

A new way to look at incorporating supplements into daily life.

FLVC’s Tonic and Powder is tasteless, meaning it can be added to any beverage. The Drink Series gives our community a creative way to take their supplement. We want to encourage you to try adding your Powder or Tonic to your favourite drink or try something new!


Hydrating Lemonade

Ingredients :

+ Natural sweetener of choice

+ ¼ cup fresh lemon juice

+ 1 Litre sparkling water

+ 2 sprigs of mint

+ 1 lemon sliced

+ FLVC Tonic


Instructions :

Add sweetener to a pitcher

Mix in lemon juice and sparkling water

Add in mint sprigs 

Add lemon slices

Add 2 full droppers of FLVC Tonic to cup (not pitcher)


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