Fulvic Acid 101: The Dirty Deets and Clean Cellular Benefits

Fulvic Acid 101: The Dirty Deets and Clean Cellular Benefits

Fulvic Acid 101: The Dirty Deets and Clean Cellular Benefits

Let’s get back to basics with the f-word that started it all — fulvic acid is our favourite way to support our bodies through grounded, cellular nutrition.

Fulvic acid is the powerhouse compound for your overall health that you’ve probably never heard of.

I know, I know… I also had no idea what fulvic acid was the first time someone mentioned it. How could this strange-sounding substance be so crucial for our well-being, yet no one talks about it?

That’s because, historically, we received enough fulvic acid from the foods we ate that we didn’t need to talk about it. With changes in conventional farming and the loss of nutritional value of our soil, it’s time to bring fulvic acid into the conversation. 

Today, even the healthiest foods are not nearly as nutrient-dense as they should be — and even on an organic and plant-focused diet, you still may be deficient in many nutritional compounds that we traditionally received from growing our food in nutrient-rich soil.

Unless we grow our own crops, we can’t directly increase the nutrients in our food. However, this doesn’t mean that all is lost — adding fulvic acid to your diet will not only supplement and improve the healthy foods you are already consuming but also benefit your overall health in the process.

What is fulvic acid, and how does it improve your health? We’ve got all the dirty deets on this amazing compound.

What is fulvic acid?

​​Fulvic acid is an organic, naturally-occurring chemical compound found in the earth’s soil, and is a bioavailable mineral essential for your overall health.

Fulvic acid aids the body by helping us absorb and use other nutrients such as phytonutrients, fatty acids, and minerals. By improving how cells in our body use items they need to thrive, fulvic acid has been thoroughly studied for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties, among many others. 

Created from millions of microbes decomposing plant matter. This decomposition process is crucial to creating nutrient-rich soil, and skipping this step is the reason why much of our soil is now lacking in fulvic acid and other humic substances that our bodies need.

To create rich, black soil, fields need to lie fallow every few years for the microbes to have time to decompose organic plant matter and enrich the soil. Conventional farming, however, uses synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to get the highest possible yield of crops and to avoid letting the soil rest to regenerate. Over-used and under-rested soil creates inexpensive, nutritionally-poor foods.

Supplementing with fulvic acid can help replenish what is being lost in our lifestyles due to conventional farming techniques, as well as improve our gut health.

How fulvic acid works in the body

Along with being chock-full of all those minerals and nutrients we no longer find in abundance in our soil, fulvic acid has a unique molecular structure that allows it to deliver vital nutrients, vitamins, and organic trace minerals to our cells better than manufactured supplements. What is it about fulvic acid which makes it so ideal as a “nutrient booster” for the body?

Crosses the cell membrane

Fulvic acid is water-soluble and has the smallest molecule size of all the humic acids (and much smaller than most supplements), meaning that it is able to cross the cell membrane rather than remain floating in the bloodstream. Research has shown that this unique ability allows fulvic acid to be properly absorbed by the body, and also boosts absorption of other nutrients as well. 

Transports key nutrients

It’s not showing up alone, however: fulvic acid is amazing at transporting key nutrients and minerals into our cells. Fulvic acid increases cell membrane permeability, meaning it allows for better absorption of other substances into cells. 

Improves cell processes

Finally, the fulvic molecule has a unique electric charge, making it a natural electrolyte, chelator (aids absorption of minerals like iron, as well as binds to and removes heavy metals), and antioxidant. This means that fulvic acid improves various cell processes: it can either create new compounds so the body can absorb nutrients easier, or neutralize harmful compounds so they can be safely removed from the body.

Think of fulvic acid like a delivery and removal system: fulvic acid grabs onto other substances like minerals and vitamins, enters the cell, and delivers the beneficial nutrients that otherwise struggle to enter the cell on their own. When leaving the cell, fulvic acid picks up any toxins (such as heavy metals) and other waste material and brings it out of the cell.

Benefits of fulvic acid 

Given its ability to both nourish and detox our cells, the benefits of fulvic acid are numerous and can impact many parts of the body. Here are three of our favourite benefits to get you started on your fulvic acid journey:

  • Boosts your immunity: Fulvic acid is a superstar for immune health. Research indicates it may help boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and assist with antioxidation.
  • Reduces inflammation: Fulvic acid is great for reducing inflammation, which negatively impacts the immune system and is linked to many chronic diseases. Its ability to neutralize free radicals as well as detox cells helps the body restore balance and reduce inflammation and pain. 
  • Improves brain function: Fulvic acid shows strong potential in promoting brain health. Research has found that fulvic acid has several antioxidant properties with the potential ability to protect against certain brain ailments, including Alzheimer’s.
  • Summary

    ​​Fulvic acid is an organic, naturally-occurring compound found in the earth’s soil, and aids the body by helping us absorb and use other nutrients more efficiently. By improving how cells in our body use items they need to thrive, fulvic acid has demonstrably positive effects on overall health.

    To make sure you’re soaking up all the nutrients you need, FLVC Tonic dissolves in water or your drink of choice (without stirring) and is perfect for maintaining overall health. And if you’re looking for some stronger detoxing, FLVC Powder is here to give your cells the extra helping hand they need.

    Drink up, ground down, grow magnificently.



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    • Hi, More of a question than comment. I have been using your product—-now using the powder—and wonder if the fulvic acid tightens the junctions of the intestinal cells preventing leaky gut syndrome? How does your product compare to Ion by Dr. Zach Bush? Do you know? Happy to keep your jar of goodness on my countertop btw. :)

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