TONIC Gut Health + Cellular Hydration

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An active trace mineral tonic providing the body with natural electrolytes and probiotics aiding in digestive health and energy flow.

A carefully balanced fulvic + humic blend, our Tonic is designed for those looking to maintain their overall sense of well being. 


What does our Tonic do?               
+ Hydration on a cellular level
+ Aid in nutrient absorption
+ Improve intestinal health 
+ Increase energy flow  
+ Increase metabolism
+ Improve elasticity in skin 


Recommended Use: Add 2 full droppers to purified water. Use daily for optimal health. Adjust the dosage by adding more or less, depending on your body's needs.    

Key Components:  
+ Amino acids
+ Magnesium
+ Peptides
+ Zinc  
+ Iron   
+ Probiotics


  Organic Organic   Vegan Vegan   Non-GMO Non-GMO

Ingredients: Our daily recommended dose contains 200 mg of our organic fulvic + humic blend. 
Fulvic acid has no flavour. It is dark in colour and may stain. Avoid spills on light coloured clothing. Our tonic is alkaline at a PH of 8.