Fulvic Acid Detox Powder

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The FLVC Powder is a perfect targeted detoxing boost that supports intestinal health, bloat, and an instant energy flow.


30 Servings

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Fulvic acid, Humic acid.

  • + Detox
  • + Glowing Skin
  • + Support Cognitive Health/Mood
  • + Increase Energy Flow
  • + Cellular Health
  • + Regeneration
  • + Anti Bloating
  • + Support Intestinal Health
  • + Increase Collagen Production
  • + Increase Nutrient Absorption

How To Use:
Add 1 scoop to purified water, tea, coffee, or smoothie in the AM. Do not stir or mix. Let sit until dissolved. Best used consistently for maximum results.


Perfect for: A targeted quick detox + reboot

Reasons to love Powder

  • + Detox
  • + Support Intestinal Health
  • + Increase Energy Flow
  • + Glowing Skin
  • + Support Cognitive Health/Mood
  • + Anti Bloating
  • + Increase Collagen Production
  • + Cellular Health + Regeneration
  • + Increase Nutrient Absorption

How to use:


Choose your go to hydration vessel. Water, Tea, Smoothie. Since fulvic acid has no flavour or texture, can be added to anything


No need to stir or mix, fulvic acid is water soluble. Just sit back and enjoy the show.


Enjoy your elevated drink any time of the day. Although, with increase in energy you may want to incorporate into your morning routine to avoid over activity in the evening.

Key Components

Amino + Nucleic Acids

Pre + Probiotics

Suggested routine:

Use Powder when your body is looking for extra boost + immune support + detox.

Use Tonic when feeling pretty good, but you just need a top up (general maintenance)

What to expect:

Fulvic acid aids in detoxifying the body. When introducing fulvic and humic to your daily routine, it is not uncommon to experience the following in the first 2-3 days:





If you are pregnant, or have health concerns, please have a chat with your physician before introducing new supplements to your diet.