Fulvic Acid: Effects on Cellular Health and Our Skin.

Fulvic Acid: Effects on Cellular Health and Our Skin.

Fulvic Acid: Effects on Cellular Health and Our Skin.

Our skin is intimately connected to what's going on inside our bodies. An integrative approach is essential when talking about the health of our skin. Fulvic acid has been widely used for thousands of years, known for being rich in minerals, antioxidants and soil based organisms. There are many ways fulvic and humic acid support every stage of skin health: 

Cell Regeneration: Fulvic acid helps neutralize toxins in the cells, and prevents damage from free radicals. Free radicals can be known to inhibit the rate at which muscles and tissues regenerate and repair. The high concentrate of antioxidant properties aids in the regeneration of the cells at every stage, leading to healthier glowing skin. 

Hydration + Oxygen: Hydration is closely linked to the elasticity and brightness of our skin. Fulvic acid hydrates on a cellular level, promotes water absorption, and delivers nutrients in and out of our cells. This helps keep the cells plump bright and hydrated.  Fulvic acid is also high in oxygen. This amount of oxygen supports cell turnover, which can improve dull and dry skin. 

Anti-inflammatory: Fulvic acid contains potent anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation in the gut is closely linked to inflammation of the skin, which can lead to breakouts. Oxidative stress is also connected to inflammation. Fulvic acid is known to reduce oxidative stress, that in turn reduces inflammation which leads to clear and brighter skin. 

Nutrients: Fulvic acid promotes absorption of nutrients on a cellular level. It improves absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. In addition to boosting nutrient content in the foods we eat, fulvic acid acts as a carrier for amino acids, minerals, and vitamins from digested foods.

Collagen: Fulvic acid protects collagen and elastin in the cells. And at the same time, promotes the body’s ability to produce collagen, offering youthful, softer skin. Protecting collagen and elastic retains strength in the skin, which makes it harder for wrinkles to form.



Fulvic acid is an organic compound found naturally in the earth's soil, created as millions of microbes decompose plant matter. A bioavailable mineral essential for your over all health.

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